August 28, 2015

About IEL

IEL LogoIEL provides holistic entrepreneur-leadership training that focuses not only on starting businesses but also spends a considerable amount of time developing the individual as an entrepreneur-leader – one who is solid in their personal life and as such, positioned for success in their business life.

Today’s, budding entrepreneurs need a place to go where they can transform their ideas into viable businesses. At IEL, students will:

  • Learn how to truly become entrepreneurs
  • Enter with a business idea and learn and do everything they need to get their business up and running
  • Receive coaching
  • Get a logo, business card and website
  • Have paid access to consulting services such as online marketing, virtual assistants and software development

The Entrepreneur-Leader Manifesto

Entrepreneurship is a key to ending poverty and ensuring the long-term survival of a nation. Entrepreneur-Leaders use commerce to usher solutions that solve problems and meet the needs of others.

Our Vision

End poverty through entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

  1. Develop a nation of entrepreneur-leaders who through commerce ushers solutions that solves problems and meets the needs of others
  2. Provide holistic entrepreneurship training and tools for businesses to succeed

Our Core Values – 5 Pillars of Entrepreneurship

IEL is built on what we call the 5 Pillars of entrepreneurship:

  1. Understand Money
    • If people do not know how to handle their personal finances, they will have issues with their business finances.
  2. Know Individual Purpose
    • To be poor is to have lack and to have no hope of more.
    • Poverty is a mindset with symptoms of lack and greed.
    • Without a mindset change, people will always need help and support instead of becoming self-sufficient.
    • Understanding that one can be a part of their own solution and discovering their place in society (their purpose) is a key to bringing about this mindset shift.
  3. Start Businesses
    • Once money is understood and purpose is known, now students will be able to start solid businesses, purpose-driven businesses.
  4. Run Businesses Effectively
    • Running a business is not the same as starting a business. New businesses need support.
    • Use processes and proven strategies that have already been tried and tested.
  5. Leave a Legacy
    • A wise person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children.
    • The cycle of poverty will be ended by ensuring that the children of the once poor do not become poor and those who are not poor stay that way.



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