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IEL Who?

The Institute of Entrepreneurship & Leadership (IEL) seeks to end poverty through entrepreneurship and increase diversity in the tech economy (entrepreneurship and workplace) by developing leaders through best in class training and internships in addition to providing help with venture incubation and acceleration. IEL provides tech-leadership and entrepreneur-leadership training that focuses not only on the theory and tactics, but also spends a considerable amount of time developing the individual as a tech-leader or an entrepreneur-leader – one who is solid in their personal life and as such, positioned for success in their business and career.

End poverty through entrepreneurship
Increase diversity in the tech economy (entrepreneurship and employment)


Develop nations of tech and entrepreneur leaders who through commerce ushers solutions that solves problems and meets the needs of others

No experience is required to start your technology career. An empowered tech career is one where you make an all-in, informed decision to choose a career in technology and are given the training and real-world experience necessary to succeed in tackling the challenges a technology career will bring. 100% scholarship is available through a collaboration with Tech Force RI for qualified applicants. You will get trained and help from an expert team to get you that dream job.

Our Core Values

An employee is an entrepreneur with 1 client. IEL is built on what we call the 5 Pillars of entrepreneurship.
5 Pillars
  • Understand Money
  • Know Individual Purpose
  • Start Businesses or Career
  • Run Businesses Effectively & Excel in Career

    Leave a Legacy

Entrepreneurship is a key to ending poverty and ensuring the long-term survival of a nation. Entrepreneur-Leaders use commerce to usher solutions that solves problems and meets the needs of others.

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